This was a mock stamp design that I did for the Principality of Lorenzberg, where I tried to reflect the style of Contemporary Japanese Design. Contemporary Japanese Design is heavily influenced by western design movements such as Constructivism, Dada, and The International Typographic Style (or Swiss Style) and features thoughtful compositions and minimalistic type. Lorenzburg is a fairytale micronation and their national symbol is the humble pea. The repeated pattern of the peas harkens to traditional Japanese design elements which can still be found within contemporary Japanese design. The simplicity, playfulness, and asymmetrical framing of the pattern display modern sensibilities. A sans-serif was chosen to pull together the modern style. The peas appear squished together for a quirky effect fitting to the whimsical nature of Lorenzburg. Complimentary and fun colors were chosen to help the pattern pop on such a small format and bring a sense of joy to the design.
Stamp Design
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